Disband singing Every Day Same Old Way, 1979
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DISBAND (USA 1978-1982) was an all-girl punk and a capella band none of whose members were able to play an instrument. Their singing was accompanied by percussion sounds created with everyday objects and their own bodies, and the band’s concerts included performative interludes. Among others, DISBAND’s changing line-up at one time included Ilona Grant, Donna Henes, Ingrid Sischy, Diane Torr and Martha Wilson, who created stage personas for themselves like a Puerto Rican rioter or aggressive chicks. The band’s lyrics were very outspoken. Disband satirised the clichéd image of the male rock musician and performed 22 times in the USA, Canada and Europe.

These video recordings document several performances by DISBAND between 1978 and 1982.

Courtesy Martha Wilson
Copyright by Disband 1978-2008

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Martha Wilson (WILS 1)
Martha Wilson (WILS 2)

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