Kalup Linzy, Conversations wit de Churen V: As da Art World Might Turn, 2006
Kalup Linzy
Conversations wit de Churen V: As da Art World Might Turn

Kalup Linzy (*1977, USA) studied in Florida, where he was born, before moving to New York City. In the beginning of his artistic career, his quasi–soap operas (some are publicly available on his YouTube channel) were staged in a stereotypical Southern setting in the US (Ride to da Club, 2002). Later he increasingly began to depict urban lives in works that combine art, love, family and homosexuality. Linzy plays many of the mostly female characters he creates himself, often pitching their dubbed voices too high for comical effect. In Conversations wit de Churen (2005–6), he substitutes the usual white heterosexual soap opera characters with an unexpectedly campy cast, subverting the soap opera genre and common stereotypes. His multiple-season Webseries As Da Art World Might Turn is set in a fictional art scene. Kalup Linzy performs his own music and has recorded original material for the performance Sweet Berry Sonnet (2008) and created video clips to accompany the R&B songs.

artist's website: www.kaluplinzystudio.com

In this final episode of his series Conversations wit de Churen, Kalup Linzy plays an emerging female artist, Katonya, in New York City. Using simple means and dressed in drag, and with the exaggerated drama typical of soap operas, Linzy develops an ironic comedy situated in the art world. Katonya progresses through different stages, from an unknown young artist to having solo shows, and experiences the agony of unfulfilled expectations. Stardom does not come quickly. This piece is written, directed, edited and scored by the artist.

Copyright Kalup Linzy
Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

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Video, colour, sound, 12:10 min

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femininity, language, queer/drag, racism, roleplay, stereotypes, trash