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Exhibition view. Photograph: Andreas Süß

The Exhibition

The exhibition documents performative works from 24 artists spanning across two generations. The selected works reflect the curators’ intention to extend the perspective beyond the canon of the known and familiar in order to demonstrate the diversity and complexity of (feminist) performative strategies. This includes performance movements in Eastern and South Eastern Europe as well as the former GDR (since the beginning of the 1980s), which often developed parallel to and independent of “Western art”. Based on thematic fields referring to artistic and socially critical strategies of the 1960s, 70s and today, dialogic relations between the years of the revolt and now will be posed, as well as between performative strategies appearing within a wide range of social and political contexts. In addition, several artistic archives were on siplay, lending a structural element to the exhibition and exploring the question of how performance history can be (re)constructed. A key feature in this context was the Video Archive with more than 80 performance documents.


Oreet Ashery (IL / UK)
Maja Bajević (BIH / D)
Colette (USA)
Orshi Drozdik (H)
Esther Ferrer (E)
Kate Gilmore (USA)
Lorraine O'Grady (USA)
Sanja Iveković (HR)
Verena Kyselka (DDR / D)
Nicola L (F)
Suzanne Lacy & Leslie Labowitz (USA)
Babette Mangolte (USA)
Yoko Ono (J / USA)
Orlan (F)
Tanja Ostojić (SRB / D)
Ewa Partum (PL)
Ulrike Rosenbach (D)
Boryana Rossa (BG)
Stefanie Seibold (A / D)
Cornelia Sollfrank (D)
Gabriele Stötzer (DDR / D)
Martha Wilson (USA)