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Faith Wilding performing "Waiting With" during the Conference & Performance Programme.
Photograph: Jan Stradtmann

A programme with performances by artists of different generations, performance interviews, discussions and theoretical reflections (Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 22 – 25 January 2009) pursued the question of how performance can be archived, documented and re-enacted, and introduced current strategies of gender-critical and interventionist performance. What motivates young artists today to refer to feminist performance art from the 1960s and 70s? And what does this return mean for the future?

The conference was held in English. In the following you will find the Lectures as audio files. Short abstracts of the talks and performances open when the title is clicked. A pdf version of the programme is available: here


I. Beyond the canon:
feminism(s) and performance art in the 1960s and 70s

The “performative impulse” - a look back on some transgressive scenes of 20th-century art
Lecture by Silvia Eiblmayr (A) (Art Historian and Curator)


When Private was not Political: Making Sex in State-Socialism
Lecture by Bojana Pejić (SRB / D) (Art Historian and Curator)


Artist talk by Lorraine O'Grady (USA) (Artist)


Feminist Performance Art in France in the 1970s
Lecture by Fabienne Dumont (F) (Art Historian)


Body Action. Performative tendencies in East Germany
Lecture by Angelika Richter D (Art Researcher and Curator)


Frauenkultur – Kontaktversuch
Lecture by Ulrike Rosenbach (D) (Artist)


II Reappropriation in contemporary performative practice

replay urgency
Artist talk by Tania Bruguera (CU) (Artist)


Remimesis: Feminism, Theatricality, and Acts of Temporal Drag
Lecture by Rebecca Schneider (USA) (Professor for Theatre, Speech and Dance, Brown University)


N.O. Body
Film (13 min, 2008) and Artist talk by Artists Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz (D)


III Performance art in the public sphere

The Body Public: From Private Performance to Public Policy in Feminist Art
Lecture by Suzanne Lacy (USA) (Artist)


Performance Saga (Katrin Grögel D & Andrea Saemann CH):
Interview with Sanja Iveković


IV Performance, Copyright and Archive

Performance breakfast
Reactions and responses to the performance programme from André Lepecki (USA) (Dramaturg, Writer and Curator)

Archival Events and Eventful Archives
Lecture by Paul Clarke (UK) (Research Fellow „Performing the Archive“, University of Bristol & Arnolfini)


An approach of a Feminist Active Archive
Lecture by Laurence Rassel (B / E) (Artistic Director of Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona)


Lecture by Chris Regn (D) (Archive of Women Artists „Bildwechsel“, Hamburg)


From Presenter to Preserver: Martha Wilson reviews 30 years of events and their documentation
Artist talk by Martha Wilson (USA) (Artist and Director of Franklin Furnace New York)



Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz
Babette Mangolte
Nil Yalter

Antonia Baehr
Lilibeth Cuenca
Sanja Iveković & Sonja Pregrad
Tanja Ostojić
Boryana Rossa & Oleg Mavromatti
Andrea Saemann
Carolee Schneemann
Cornelia Sollfrank
Faith Wilding

Talks & Lectures
Tania Bruguera
Paul Clarke
Lilibeth Cuenca & Toke Lykkeberg
Fabienne Dumont
Silvia Eiblmayr
Suzanne Lacy
André Lepecki
Lorraine O'Grady
Bojana Pejić
Performance Saga & Sanja Iveković
Laurence Rassel
Chris Regn
Angelika Richter
Ulrike Rosenbach
Rebecca Schneider
Martha Wilson